Israeli press praises Vietnam Independence Day

The Jerusalem Post - an Israeli renowned press published an article named "Vietnam: A bright star in Asia" on the occasion of Vietnam Independence Day.
September 01, 2020 | 07:35
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Israeli press praises Vietnam Independence Day (Photo: The Jerusalem Post)

By Vietnamese people, the 2nd day of September every year is observed as Independence Day - a memorial of the day that Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam at Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi.

This year, Vietnam also marks the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution that was a significant event in its national history, which broke the chains of French colonialists and Japanese fascists, and overthrew the absolute monarchy which had existed for a thousand years.

On August 31, The Jerusalem Post (JP) published an article to praise Vietnam's success in gaining national independence as well as political and economic development over the last century.

Vietnam - a reliable friend and partner of all countries

The Jerusalem Post affirmed Vietnam's victory in diplomacy and economy. The journal stated: "Today, Vietnam is in pursuit of the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, openness, diversification, and multilateralization of external relations and active international integration. "

"The diplomacy has become an important front in time of peace and made important contribution to maintaining and securing the peaceful environment and creating a favorable international environment conducive to national construction and defence, thus enhancing the position and prestige of the country in the international arena.", JP added.

The year of 2020 is very important for Vietnam’s foreign Affairs as it takes on the Chair of ASEAN and non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council for the 2020-2021 term, holding the two responsibilities together for the first time.

The journal also quoted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Bien Dong Sea: "Beijing’s claim to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea is completely unlawful, as is its campaign of bullying to control them". In recent years, Vietnam has properly assessed the situation in the South China Sea, given prompt reactions, and dealt with the situation strongly to defend the country’s legitimate rights and interests.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) and President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin. (Photo: VGP)

Vietnam’economy shows positive signs despite COVID-19 context

Vietnam has garnered international praise for its swift and effective response to the COVID-19 outbreak, JP stated. Although the country is not immune to the global economic downturn, its prospects for recovery remain positive and are the brightest among Asian countries.

Some economic analysts estimated that the economic growth this year will slow down to 3 to 4 percent compared to 7.02 percent last year. IMF has cut its economic growth projections for the Vietnamese economy to 2.7 percent this year and the World Bank estimates a growth of 4.9 percent, but Vietnam’ government sets the target of more than 5 percent. The Jerusalem Post claimed that this growth rates are impressive when looking at the economic picture of Asian economies. If it achieves this goal, Vietnam will be able to defend its status as Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy, just as the country becomes the first in the region to emerge from the COVID-19.

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President Tran Dai Quang (left) and his Israeli counterpart Reuven Ruvi Rivlin inspect the guard of honor at the welcome ceremony. (Photo: VOV)

Vietnam and Israel: Many years of a good relationship

This year, Vietnam and Israel marked 27 years since the two countries officially established diplomatic relations in July 1993. the relationship between the two countries was built between Vietnam’s Great President Ho Chi Minh and Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in 1946.

Today, the two countries are promoting cooperation in a variety of fields such as economy, trade, education, agrotechnology, innovation, start-up knowledge sharing, and so on. Israel becomes Vietnam’s third-largest export market in Western Asia, just after the UAE and Turkey. In the first half of this year.

As written by the BESA Center Perspective Paper published on May 17, 2017, Israel is increasingly looking for partnerships in economic, political, cultural, and military sectors with countries in Southeast Asia, and relations with Vietnam, in particular, are on the upswing. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “Pivoting to Asia” is taking shape, and Vietnam is emerging as a crucial partner, JP cited.

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