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A must of heritage for future generations in properly secure - Phuong Uyen Tran

A must of heritage for future generations in properly secure - Phuong Uyen Tran

13:59 | 17/07/2020

"The rich do not stay rich and the poor do not stay poor for three generations" , a Vietnamese proverb underscores the challenges of making sure the second generation stays as motivated as the first when they no longer have financial hardship to spur them on. In Phuong Uyen Tran's opinion, the deliberate teaching and upbringing of current and future generations is a must.

How Vietnam

How Vietnam's big group overcomes the Covid-19 pandemic

15:55 | 24/06/2020

The Daybreak USA broadcasts an online interview with the author of the book " Competing with Giant" who also works as the Deputy CEO of Vietnam's big group in the field of beverage, Tan Hiep Phat Group, Uyen Phuong Tran. Her shared experience can be supposed a practical and valuable lesson for all businesses in the world to survive during the severe epidemic.

Being a successful tycoon

Being a successful tycoon's daughter -it is not easy for the famous author Phuong Uyen Tran

09:47 | 19/06/2020

Phuong Uyen Tran, a famous author and a female millionare, shared the lessons she and her siblings had experienced during their childhood, taught by their father to ask them to work harder even he was a very rich businessman. In her thinking, it seems be that her father's tenacity and work-loving are core tenets to teach them to run THP group successful today.

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