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CNN live for impressive Vingroup

CNN live for impressive Vingroup's 11 'golden minutes'

13:58 | 20/07/2020

Confidently appeared live on CNN's world-leading economics program "First Move" recently, Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy, vice chairwoman of Vingroup shared key business plans of Vingroup in the coming time, the way the group deals with and overcomes the pandemic, as well as promotes the positive images of Vingroup in specific and Vietnam as a nation in general.

Fast and serious: Vietnam

Fast and serious: Vietnam's first national car brand

16:35 | 18/11/2019

The first Vietnamese-brand car grabbed considerable attention at the Paris Motor show in 2018. It wasn't just because of its eye-catching design. The idea of a new car manufacturer coming out of a developing country surprised many, especially at a time when the industry was facing radical change and fierce competition.

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